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It'S Time To Book Your Tarpon Trip Now!!

It's Time! Time for the best darn flats fishing on the entire Gulf coast. We are talking about Tampa Bay fishing and it is the ultimate in Florida inshore fishing where an angler can catch many of the well known Florida fish species. Known throughout Florida as one of the top sport fishing destinations you can be sure that a Tampa Bay charter fishing trip will satisfy even the most experienced angler.

In addition to inshore fishing we also offer offshore Tampa Bay charter fishing trips. Tampa Bay fishing does not stop at the shallow waters edge. Captain Matt offers deep sea fishing charters for well known and large species like grouper, snapper, amberjack, permit, and other species including goliath grouper. There is nothing like hooking up to a fish as large as a grouper. It will certainly make your Tampa Bay fishing charter a memorable one.

Tampa Bay Sport Fishing
Tampa Bay fishing

Tampa Bay Fishing, Tampa Fishing Charters

Tampa Bay charter fishing has something to offer everyone, whether you're a seasoned angler or a very young angler just learning for the first time. The fishing in Tampa Bay is consistently plentiful for many different kinds of fish. This generous variety gives Tampa fishing charter Captains' endless opportunities to get their fishermen hooked up.

Tampa fishing charters offer some of the most exciting angling experiences in the world. Fishing in Tampa Bay provides opportunities at world class size and numbers of fish that few places in the world can rival.

Captain Matt has had days where he crushed the Snook and Redfish on the flats after already doing battle with full grown Tarpon. Then he turned and made a short run offshore to catch a few 10 pound plus False Albacore for bait to hookup on 400 pound Goliath Grouper, all on one Tampa fishing charter. Tampa fishing is just that good, and it's no exaggeration.

Tampa Bay Fishing Charters

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Tampa Bay Fishing Report

Enjoy our Tampa Bay fishing reports, frequently updated and fully detailed. Covering fishing in Tampa Bay and surrounding waters.

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Tampa Fishing Charters Offer Angling Opportunities For Many Florida Species

Tampa Bay fishing charters offer angling opportunities for numerous inshore and offshore species. Tampa fishing guide, Captain Matt Ercoli specializes in all these fish whether it is light tackle flats fishing, heavy tackle offshore fishing, or offshore and inshore Fly Fishing.

  • Tarpon which are also called the "Silver King" and known for their aerial acrobatics.
  • Snook which are found throughout Florida coastal waters and are known as one of the toughest fighters.
  • Redfish are one of the more common and sought after fish of all the Florida inshore species.
  • Trout also called gator trout are fun to catch and perfect target for fly fishermen and wrap up the 4 main inshore species.
  • Kingfish, Cobia, Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack, Spanish Mackerel, Permit, False Albacore, Tuna and Goliath Grouper make up the bulk of the offshore species we target. There may be other species within Tampa Bay fishing grounds but these would be the most likely catch.

As an expert and seasoned Tampa Bay fishing guide, Captain Matt will put your party on the fish. The fun doesn't stop with fishing because Tampa Bay is surrounded with an endless supply of beautiful and interesting sites. Whether you'd like to try your luck at Tampa flats fishing in a foot of water or offshore sport fishing for a larger fish you can count on Captain Matt to make your Tampa Bay fishing dreams a memorable reality!

Tarpon Fishing in Tampa Bay Redfishing in Tampa Bay Snook Fishing in Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Tarpon Fishing Tampa Bay Redfishing Tampa Bay Snook Fishing
Tampa Bay Fishing Trip Tampa Bay Fishing

Tampa Bay Sport Fishing Charters Too!

Tampa Bay fishing is something every angler should experience. Captain Matt eats, breathes and lives Tampa Bay and Sarasota fishing too. Tampa Bay charter Captain Matt Ercoli is honest, hardworking, and extremely knowledgeable. He takes a lot of pride in producing not only quality fishing each and every day, but a quality experience as well.

Patience is a characteristic that all true top level professional charter captains possess. It comes from years of experience that builds up the confidence it takes to know that at the end of the day your fishermen are going to leave with a smile on their faces and a satisfied charter fishing experience.

Matt has been a full time Tampa Bay fishing charter captain for 15 years. Tampa fishing and Sarasota fishing charters have provided Captain Matt's sole source of income for all 15 of those years. Till this day, being a Tampa Bay fishing guide has been his first and only Job, ensuring his fishing charters that he has what it takes to be the best. So if you want a true adventure, Tampa Bay and Sarasota fishing is where it's at!

Tampa Bay Fishing with Captain Matt

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Tampa Bay Fishing Tampa Bay, Florida

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