Tampa Bay fishing report for February

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Tampa Bay  fishing report for February Fishing Report

I hope you are out there enjoying this weather, I mean it just can’t get any nicer. I just stopped over at the beach to meet up with a couple of friends after I got done fishing today and I just can’t believe how beautiful the Gulf is. I spent the morning in the bay catching Snook, Reds and large Trout like I have all week. I really haven’t been venturing out into the Gulf lately. I have to say though, standing there on the beach, it sure looked tempting to get out there. Smooth as glass and not a cloud in the sky, with my feet sunk down in the Anna Maria world famous sugar sand. Man I have to say I have never been to a more beautiful beach, I guess that why I live here. I know a lot of people say Siesta Key has some of the most beautiful beach, but having spent a lot of time on both I have to say Anna Maria wins hands down. I would say both beaches have amazing sand, but without a doubt Anna Maria’s water is a little more clearer. Having spent years sight fishing off both beaches for Tarpon believe me there is a difference. Anyhow back to the fishing report.

Giant Trout have been the best of the action this past week. The cool nights have cooled the water a little and it has become near perfect conditions for large Trout. It has been really good. Pretty much all the big Trout you want as long has you have good live shiners. Yesterday we left them biting after catching 30, the smallest 18 inches, the largest between 23 and 24.

The Snook where biting even better today. We are right in that transition faze. A few cool days and I target and catch a ton of Trout. A few warm days and I target and catch a lot more Snook and Redfish.

The Snook have been good on the warmer days. We have had 25 and 30 on the better days. I was destroying the Redfish a week and half ago before the cool nights moved in, but as soon as it warms up just a smidge I am sure the Redfish will be killing it again.

Like I said earlier, I haven’t been offshore lately, just because I have not had a lot of reason to head out there. As soon as things really start heating up out there I will let you know. As for now it’s mostly Grouper out there and pretty much as fast as you can real them in.

I hope you have enjoyed my tampa bay fishing report. I also hope if you are in Florida now you are out there enjoying the best winter weather we have had in several years. Look forward to seeing you on the water, good luck out there.

Capt. Matt Ercoli.

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