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Tampa Bay tarpon fishing in June

Tarpon, Tarpon, Tarpon, it’s about all I fish for this time of year. I wake up for some reason this time of year every morning, look at the alarm clock & it shows 4 am. “Awesome one more hour of sleep, (1 1/2 till I am in my tower casting to Tarpon), then I fall back to sleep”. It happens every morning, I don’t know why but from May 1st till the end of Tarpon season in late July. Every year the same thing happens to me during Tarpon season. I think it’s the anticipation of what the next day will bring. I just really love Tarpon fishing; it’s my favorite thing to do. Even though it’s the most physically and mentally wearing thing I do it doesn’t feel like work like the rest of my fishing throughout the year. Except maybe for the exhausted feeling it leaves me with at the end of day. It’s the only time of year I just can’t get myself to take a day off the water because I feel like I am going to miss out on something big. I love it; I really do, the great days and the challenging days. I actually get a lot more satisfaction out of landing one giant Tarpon on the tough windy days than the easy days when we land 6 or 7 and hook over 20. Off course the easy days are more exciting, the tough ones are so much more challenging.

Today was one of those days, the wind just cranked all day long and the fish laid on the bottom out of site, but we still managed two Tarpon to the boat, hooked two others and missed a couple. Extremely satisfying for me and my charter in 20 knot winds, we worked for every bite and made it happen.

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Anyhow, enough chattering and on to the fishing report. Tarpon has been very solid since I started my Tarpon charter season May first. It has been really good because it has been so consistent. So far we have had lots of fish to fish for and winds that have made it possible to fish for Tarpon every day. I haven’t had any incredible days, probably the best was 15 hook ups and 4 landed, but every day we have been hooking 5 to 10 and landing a few with no failed attempts. Even on the blasting north winds early in the season we at least battle a few fish every day and even had some great days despite. One of those days we manage 2 fish in the 200 pound class and still managed to hook 10 or 12 others. That is great for a freak late spring cold front condition. It has been the year of consistency for Tarpon for me and my charters and I hope it keeps going that way.

My associate tells me the inshore fishing has been good for Snook, and Trout. I guess the Red fishing has been a little slower.

I can’t really give much of an offshore report because I have only been Tarpon fishing and haven’t really talked to anyone that has spent much time offshore lately.

Well that’s all I got, I hope everyone enjoyed my tampa bay tarpon fishing report. By the way things are shaping up this looks like we are going to have a really long Tarpon season this year. I think it will be strong till the full moon at the end of July. The Tarpon don’t look like they have really been trying to spawn yet. It’s going to be a long great Tarpon season.

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