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Have you been looking for a place to take a fishing vacation? Have you been specifically looking for a great fishing location that also makes for a great all around vacation? If so, then a Tampa Bay fishing vacation might be just what you have been looking for. With everything from great charter fishing to tons of tourist attractions, you will find something for the entire family when you visit this wonderful area.

For your Tampa charter fishing vacation your guide will be the experienced and knowledgeable Captain Matt Ercoli fifteen years of Tampa Bay fishing charter experience under his belt.With his knowledge of the local Tampa fishing grounds you will be led to the ideal places to cast your line and experience some of the funnest fishing action you have ever taken part in.

As exciting as Tampa Bay fishing can be, it can also be very relaxing and these beautiful Tampa Bay waters can be a great place to take off the stress and just enjoy a day on the water with your family. Fishing can be a great way to relieve yourself of some of the stresses that build up in our lives. Nothing can beat the stress relieving effect of Tampa Bay fishing, on waters so smooth and relaxing that you may never want to leave!

Relaxing on the water is great and all for many of us, but if you are the type of personality that craves fast paced major fishing action, Tampa Bay fishing can give you that as well! Run into the backwaters for Tampa Bay flats fishing with Captain Matt and get hooked up to a big ole redfish, a hard pulling snook, or an acrobatic Tarpon that will do more flips than a gymnist. Tampa Bay inshore fishing can be major fun, with the chance to reel in some of the best fish that inshore fishing can offer. With tarpon and snook, redfish and trout, inshore fishing in Tampa Bay can be one of the best fishing experiences that you have ever had. And if that was all we had to offer, it would be amazing enough.

But Tampa Bay has more to offer than just inshore fishing. Not only will top Tampa Bay fishing guide, Captain Matt Ercoli, put you the best inshore fishing spots, but you will also be treated to the best offshore fishing that this area can provide. You can wet your whistle on some of the great sportfishing that Tampa Bay offshore fishing offers. Permit, bonita, kingfish, grouper, snapper, dorado, and even shark are out there in the offshore Tampa Bay fishing grounds, waiting for you to reel them in. With all the action that is awaiting you in these waters, it’s a wonder that you are still sitting here reading this! Book Your Trip Now!

Captain Matt accommodates light tackle as well as fly fishermen. Not only does he accommodate fly fishermen, but he is also one of the top saltwater fly fishing captains in the area. His experience can be invaluable, to novice and expert alike. Captain Matt is there to help you with all of your Tampa Bay fishing needs.

Tampa Bay Fishing Vacations Offer Other Attractions

Tampa Bay City

With all the action that Tampa Bay fishing can provide, it would be amazing if you had time to do anything else. But sometimes the family gets restless and wants to find something more to do. Or perhaps someone in the family simply doesn’t like fishing – as scary as that may be! Even so, there are other things for the family to enjoy while visiting Tampa Bay. No matter what type of “bait” catches your eye, there is something for everyone in Tampa Bay.

If you love the water, Adventure Island Water Park can be a great place to go. There are countless ways to get wet in the waters at Adventure Island. This water park is perhaps one of the best in the country.

Water parks not your thing? There’s Busch Gardens Theme Park as most of you know. Then how about enjoying the wonderful Baywalk. Everything you could want, from shopping, entertainment, to fine dining, all located in the center of downtown St. Pete.

Looking for something a little crazier? Visit Spook Hill, where the laws of science cease to hold and you will experience things that you have never seen before! Still not peaking your interest? Then how about Dinosaur World near Tampa, Florida? You will get to come face to face with all sorts of prehistoric creatures. See the creatures that live in Plant City and get to know all you can about them.

With zoos and aquariums and museums aplenty, Tampa Bay can provide your family with everything they need to have a wonderful vacation. While some of you can enjoy the comforts and wonders that this beautiful place has to offer, the rest can hop on board Captain Matt’s boat and set sail into a world of adventure and fun. Fishing in these waters can be one of the best experiences that you will ever have.

So if you are thinking about taking a vacation but haven’t decided on a location, then Tampa Bay should become your destination. With everything from amazing water parks to museums and historical sites, Tampa Bay is the place to be. And while you’re here, be sure to take that Tampa Bay fishing trip with Captain Matt to try your hand at some of the amazing fishing that can be had in this wonderful area. With Captain Matt at the helm, you can be sure that you are on your way to the best Tampa Bay charter fishing trip of your life.

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