Tampa Bay Redfish schools

Why choose Captain Matt?

  • 1. 20 years experiences as a charter captain
  • 2. 100 percent fulltime
  • 3. Confidence
  • 4. No excuses
  • 5. World records
  • 6. Saltwater national champion
  • 7. Innovator
  • 8. Personable
  • 9. Top of the line equipment
  • 10. Lives on the water


20 Year Experience– Tamp Bay  fishing charter Captain Matt has over 4,000 days on the waters of Tampa Bay running charters. His charters have landed over 50,000 Snook and at least that many Redfish and Trout. Capt. Matt has hooked over 10,000 mature Tarpon and has landed thousands of other fish of different species. Captain Matt started his business right out of high school; it has been his first and only job.

100% fulltime– Charter fishing is and always has been his sole and only means of income. He has to catch fish because his livelihood depends on it. He strives to be the best fishing guide that he can be.

Confidence– The captain knows where to be and what tactic to use to catch fish, depending on tides, wind direction, and water temperature. After 20 years there is no guess work, Matt passes that confidence on to his customers. If you know you are going to have a successful day there is no pressure, just enjoyment.

No Excuses– Captain Matt believes that fish feed every day; therefore they should be able to be caught every day. It’s the small tactical changes that make all the difference between a poor day and a good day of fishing.

World Records– Capt. Matt has led customers to 5 world records, one Snook, two Trout, one Grouper and a Sheepshead. Records set many years ago, all of which are archived and validated by the International Game Fish Association of world records.

National Champion– After 22 qualifying events held around the country, the top ranking anglers met to compete in the 1999 Saltwater National Championship. A strong cold front moved in making fishing conditions extremely difficult. Captain Matt was one of only 2 teams in the tournament to double slam with legal fish both days. He edged out the second place team with a larger slam of Snook, Redfish and Trout to take the title. He decided to focus all his skills toward his charters and that was his last tournament.

Innovator– Fishing patterns and finding new ways to catch fish continually change. Tamp Bay fishing charter Captain Matt never stops learning and is always trying to create a better more efficient way to produce fish. From small

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