Tampa Bay Redfish schools

Fly fishing for tarpon in Tampa Bay is one of the world’s ultimate challenges. Though it is challenging for the charter captain and his fishing charter, there is nothing more rewarding and no place better than fishing in Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay tarpon fishing is available 9 months of the year, but the best time for fly fishing is May thru July, during the peak migration.

This is the time of year that the best tarpon fishing is done by sight fishing, which makes for prime fly fishing opportunities. Casting to schools of 50 to up over 1000 fish usually in water less than 200 ft, make the tarpon very vulnerable to the fly. Fly rods of 11 and 12 weight are a must here because of the size of the tarpon, which can exceed 200 pounds.

There is also some sight fishing in the Back Bays in August which is good for catching tarpon on the fly, but nothing like the migration the months before. If a Tarpon on the fly is what you desire then Tampa Bay is where you need to go.

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